Teen Tech Mentors


Dear Tech Mentor,

Thank you for attending our session today. We are thrilled to have you as a "Tech Mentor" for the upcoming Baltimore Jewish Leaders Assembly on Thursday, November 20!

Your mission as a Tech Tutor is to assist participants who attend our two break-out sessions in learning about certain Web 2.0 tools. They will have the opportunity for hands-on exploration of these resources during these sessions, with our help. The Tech Tutors will be available to participants for some one-on-one assistance.

The tools we will be focusing on include: blogs, wikis, social networks (Facebook, Ning sites), and delicious, which is a social bookmark site. We don't expect you to be familiar with all of these - although you might be - that's why we are here today!

So to help us focus today's orientation, we ask that you please complete the short survey at the link below - please respond as honestly as possible - it's not a test - it's just a way to help us get a sense of where the group is at :)

Teen Tech Mentor Survey

Thank you!


How You Can Help as a Tech Mentor

  • Take time before the event to play and experiment with these resources. Think about how you might use them and what features you might want to show off to our session participants. Don't be afraid to ask questions - and we don't expect you to be an expert. We're looking for you to have a great experience and making these resources accessible to others who will also be on various levels of experience and comfort.
  • Help make participants feel comfortable with these tools
  • Help them become more familiar with the special features of each resource
  • Take them for a ride - show them the ins and outs of the sites
  • Assist them in creating their own blog, wiki, delicious account, facebook account, Ning site, etc.
  • Tell them about some of your favorite resources and why you like them
  • If you get the sense that they want to start slow, show them a few fun things like Tiny Url or Wordle
  • Stuck? If you need assistance, feel free to ask your fellow Tech Mentors, including Caren. Don't be shy!
  • Have FUN!

Tips and Techniques... feel free to make suggestions!

Resources We'll Be Exploring

Blogger: http://www.blogger.com (a little easier)
WordPress: http://www.wordpress.com (more powerful)

Wikispaces: http://www.wikispaces.com

Social Bookmarks
Delicious: http://delicious.com

Social Networks
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com
Ning (create your own social network): http://www.ning.com

Extras to Know About

Tiny Url: http://tinyurl.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com
Wordle: http://wordle.net (tag clouds)
Gate2Home Hebrew Keyboard
G-DCAST (weekly Parsha video with guest narrators)

Note: Remember to read the terms of service and privacy notices before completing registration. If there is anything you are uncomfortable about, you don't have to sign on for that particular resource(s).


Want to know more about Web 2.0 and social media? Take a look at Social Signal's Web 2.0 glossary: http://www.socialsignal.com/blog/alexandra-samuel/web-2-0-glossary

In general, the homepage for each tool offers links to tutorials on how to get started.

The Common Craft Show provides explanations about the concepts behind these tools:

Common Craft Show

There are also many video tutorials available on YouTube, TeacherTube, and Blip.tv. Do a search and see what you come up with!

Wikispaces Tour

Delicious Tutorials
Beth Kanter's cheat sheet: "Del.icio.us: Making it Use.ful (pdf)
Beth Kanter's screencast: Knowledge Sharing with Tags

“Using Ning” Sketchcast
http://sketchcast.com/view/KY7UkZ8 by unorder